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Call for Fiction Submissions

Call for Fiction Submissions: Wordrunner Electronic Chapbooks

This small press publishes four online collections annually of fiction,
poetry or memoir, each featuring one author. Submit your manuscript
for the mid-March FICTION e-chapbook by November 21. No fee to submit.
Payment: $65. See http://www.echapbook.com/submissions.htm
for detailed guidelines and 2010-11 submission and publication schedule.

Submit a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 15 stories. Stories may be flash
or longer, from 500 up to 3,000 words each, totalling a minimum of
approximately 7,500 and a maximum of 15,000 words for the collection.
These stories should belong together for some reason, be it theme,
location or people, though they need not be linked. Each story should
stand on its own and have its own arc. No genre fiction, please, unless
a story is good enough to transcend genre.

Prime Mincer, a new thrice-annual print magazine, is seeking
submissions of fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction. We desire
first, and foremost, solid, well-crafted and intelligent work, and
beyond that are very open minded as far as form and style. Our hope is
to push the creative envelope, give artists a place to take risks, and
to bring a fresh, modern feel to the world of creative writing. To
clarify, this does not mean that we publish only the strange and
extraordinary. We love traditional fiction, but want to allow it to
breathe and flourish outside of the confines of the creative writing
workshop. Prime Mincer is a place to play, explore, create and exhibit,
and we invite you to bring your most interesting work forward.

Feel free to submit regardless of your current publication or academic
status. Although we plan on publishing established writers, we are
excited at the prospect of getting first dibs on new talent, so submit

We appreciate an introductory letter and short bio with each piece.
Although we accept magical realism and the unusual, we do not publish
fantasy, sci-fi or any other standard genre writing. We do not accept
mailed submissions, please submit through our online submission manager
(primemincer.submishmash.com) Our deadline for open submissions for the
first edition is February 15th, 2010.


Courtsey: Creative Writers Opportunities List

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