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If you’ve written a book, how do you drum up interest in your work?

  • One way to do this is to make rounds of chat rooms and forums and engage people in discussions, get your name out there. Works for some people, but it needs a lot of investment in time.
  • If you’re able to get a newspaper or a magazine to interview you, even online, nothing like it. But chances are, you won’t be, because – let’s face it – who’d be interested in a no-name author?
  • Even if you do have the time and money to go on book promotion tours, pitching your book to strangers can get mighty uncomfortable.
  • You can look for websites that host chats with authors. The only problem is – how many people read them?

What are the options then?

First, you need a blog. There is no way around it.

Then you plan a book tour, a virtual tour, that is. This is called a blog tour. What it involves is finding blogs that are like minded (for me, I would search ethnic/multicultural blogs with a fan base) and set up a small Q&A. Don’t let it be a big interview (limit it to less than 5 questions), because every stage of your tour should offer some new insight. Keep it exciting. Offer prizes – could be a copy of your book, free mentoring, whatever. Generate excitement. At every stage include sales information for your book.

Dani offers classes on blog touring that last four weeks and cost $20. This is the 4th year she’s taught this class online. I’m not quite ready to take this class, but when I am, I know it is going to be worth it.

More from Dani:

“We start with improving and critiquing your blogs, then segue into social networking skills, and finally into finding blog hosts and crafting your actual tour. It’s a lot of work and daily attendance is important, but I think it’s fair to say that many of the authors creating exceptional tours have been through this course and really know what they’re doing. Many of them stay in touch and support each other at the BBT Cafe.

Click here to check out Dani’s blog.

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