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To Self-Publish or Not

This is a topic that generates a lot of hot discussions (and angst). Those are in search of the holy grail aka a mainstream publisher wouldn’t dream of demeaning themselves by self-publishing. Then there are people like J. A. Konrath, the acknowledged king of the self published. A newbie has joined the list of the self published, and she is making millions while she is at it. 26 year old Amanda Hocking has been selling about a 100,000 copies of her book online. On Amazon. If you compare that to a New York Times Bestseller, which requires that you sell tens of thousands of books to get on their list, you see what I’m saying.

To self-publish or to seek out traditional publishers? I’m not sure what the answer is, but I am too timid to go Hocking’s way. I’ll keep pounding the pavement till I’m able to find a traditional publisher.


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