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Guest BLOG: Bob White

Writing a mystery novel when you’ve never committed the crime or investigated one like it… where do you start? My newest novel, Abducted, came like an unbidden muse after an assignment in a Creative writing class. We were asked to write a short story about a crime in a point of view (POV) exercise. I wrote about a young girl taken from her bed in the middle of the night. A few weeks later the muse overtook me. My story had a victim and a villain. I needed a hero to rescue the girl. So was born my fictional detective, Tony Petrocelli.

As I researched child abductions in talks with police officers, reporters, and through stories on the Internet, I discovered that according to The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children every day over 2,100 children are added to the lists of missing. While many are taken by estranged parents or are runaways, others are victims of pedophiles and other sexual deviants. Some meet a tragic end. Even when they are found they have deep emotional scaring to overcome. My protagonist’s passion was fueled by his desire to save one of the missing.

As a writer I was fortunate to have two police officers (both also writers) to review my manuscript and keep my story realistic. Another interesting thing happened to me while Abducted was in its final stages. My detective began to tell me secrets about his life. He’s allowed me to hint at some in this book. What will you find between the covers?

Adducted in the middle of the night, ten-year-old Ashley Gibson needs a saviour. Small town detective, Tony Petrocelli, must find her before it’s too late. To achieve his goal he must break solemn promises, violate his own code of ethics, and bend the law. Despite a troubled marriage, an uncooperative police chief, and a talented but flawed partner he must work though false leads and a media frenzy in a race against time to rescue Ashley.  Detective Petrocelli has one ally in his quest, Ashley. The young girl must rely on her wits and experience with her controlling, and sometimes cruel, father to manipulate her captor and keep herself alive long enough for help to arrive.

You can find the book on Amazon.  Click here for the link.






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