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UPDATE: Penguin Gouging Authors

This is an update to my previous post: Penguin, through it’s Book Country arm, is poised to take a 30% cut of of your royalties.

From Moconews.net:

“In other words, an author who directly uploads his or her work to Amazon receives a 70 percent royalty. An author who uses Book Country to upload his or her work to Amazon receives 70 percent of that 70 percent. An author who publishes a $2.99 e-book directly on Amazon will receive $2.05 for each sale. An author who publishes an e-book to Amazon through Book Country will receive just $1.47 for each sale.”

This is in addition to the ‘fees’ you pay Book Country. So Penguin charges you both a one-time fee *and* keeps a percentage of your royalties for perpetuity. Nice deal for Penguin. Not so nice for the desperate-to-be-published writer.

  1. November 22, 2011 at 5:10 am

    Just confirms what I said on your previous post. But I’m sure there will be people flocking to them thinking they are getting published with a big-name publisher who will promote their books. Poor things. What a disappointment when, after paying the bill to Penguin and the % of royalties (if they even sell any books) to find they were mistaken.

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