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Amazon Launches ebook Lending Library

November 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Amazon has launched a digital book lending library which,  as you might imagine, isn’t making the big 6 NY book publishers too happy. The program is called Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. None of the big 6 is participating because they fear a loss in sales, especially from their back lists (ie.e older titles). Only 5000 titles are available at this time, and only to the subscribers of the Amazon Prime program who are also Kindle owners.

Wonder what this’ll mean for indie publishers and the self-published.

Before You Sign That (Book Publishing) Contract

November 3, 2011 10 comments

It is really hard for first time authors to get a foot in the publishing door, which can make them really desperate to be published. I should know. I almost got conned into signing away all my rights. Luckily, I backed off at the last moment.

When you’re ready to sign a contract (and this is especially true if you’re dealing directly with the publisher), don’t sign away all rights. For example, if you wish to give only print rights to the publisher, specify just that. Never sign away all rights. After all, five years ago who’d have thought to keep electronic rights for ebooks?

Royalties is another area writers need to watch out for. Click here for a great article by Patricia  in

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WSJ Endorsers $3000 for ebook Formatting?

November 1, 2011 6 comments

I was blown away by anarticle which in appeared in the Wall Street Journal in which a self-published author paid a company $3000 to ‘act as her digital publisher.” When all you need to do is send an email to a address for you to get back a list of inexpensive formatters (which is what a digital publisher essentially does. As for uploading the ebook to Amazon, you have to be trying real hard to mess it up). Refer to Smashword’s formatting guide for details on how to get that list.

Fact of the matter is that this whole digital publishing is so new that even publications like the WSJ don’t think anything is wrong for someone to be paying $3000 to format a book, when you can get someone to do this for as little as $25. Even I can do it in a few hours.

Click here for the entire article.