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Small #Presses and #Contracts: What to Watch Out For

August 19, 2013 4 comments

Some small presses are good for a writer, others not so much. How do you tell the difference? Check out the link below for some great advice. If you want to know how to protect yourself as a writer (from bad contracts/agents/publishers) I have lot of posts on my blog. Anyway, click here for the link.

#Book #Contracts #Rights #Royalties

August 12, 2013 Leave a comment recently ran a series of posts on book contracts, rights and royalties. Worth a read.

Book Rights and Book Royalties

Book Advances and Royalties

Book Contract Basics

More on Book Contracts


#Optioning Your #Book for #Film

August 7, 2013 Leave a comment

I came across a terrific post today on Author M. P. McDonald’s site about what questions to ask when Hollywood comes calling – in other words, when someone expresses an interest in filming your book (hey, its been known to happen.)

Click here for the site.

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