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The New Publishing #Juggernaut

Pretty much everyone in the Indian writing and publishing world knows by now that Chikki Sarkar, former publisher at Penguin Random House India, is launching a digital publishing company named Juggernaut.

They’ve raised a staggering Rs. 15 crore ($ 2,269,960.50) in the same environment where Amrit Abrol, CFO, Harper Collins, India mentioned at the Publishing Next 2015 conference that their new focus is to tighten up because marketing too many books isn’t cost- or time-effective. They’re focusing on selling less number of books at higher prices – less pressure on finance, management, warehousing. Anurima Roy from Bloomsbury India concurred. Full post here.

As a an author I’m rooting for this juggernaut.

As the marketer of my own books I don’t understand how they hope to earn back that kind of investment because both Harper Collins, India and Bloomsbury, India concur that less that 1% of the books they sell are ebooks. Check the link to my post above for more details.

I hope they have something radical up their collective sleeves.

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