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Successful Ways to Utilize Mobile Marketing for eBook Promotion: Guest Post

October 2, 2015 1 comment

Successful Ways to Utilize Mobile Marketing for eBook Promotion

One of the greatest aspects of eBooks in the digital age is that anyone can get published. Without the barrier to entry, anything seems possible, but the fact remains that competition is stronger than ever since anyone is free to publish their work.

As such, standing out from the crowded eBook marketplace is critical, and mobile marketing provides an ideal path for doing just that. Ensure your eBook stands out with these mobile marketing tips.

Post about Your eBook on Social Media

Mobile users continue to use popular social media websites like Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis, which is why promoting your eBook through these platforms is crucial for mobile marketing success.

Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

There will soon be more than two billion smartphones in use worldwide, which is why you need to build a website that is responsive and easy to navigate for mobile users. If you lack the technical expertise to build it yourself, find an experienced professional that is capable of building an excellent mobile website. After the website is built, implement a mobile marketing solution that will drive traffic to your mobile-friendly website and boost eBook sales.

Make a Video and Share It

Popular video websites such as YouTube play a major role in the way potential customers watch videos online. Create a YouTube video talking about your eBook, and link the video to social media to raise more awareness for the eBook.

Don’t Forget to Embrace the Forgotten Social Media Networks

It can be tempting to spend all of your time promoting your eBook on Facebook and Twitter since they are the most popular social media networks, but don’t forget about great resources like LinkedIn. This is especially true if your eBook is about a certain profession or is a non-fiction book about a given industry.

Promoting the eBook directly to professionals in an industry your eBook discusses can lead to great results since professionals will likely spread the word about your eBook to their colleagues if the eBook is well-written and informative.

Use SMS to Mass Market a Free eBook That Will Grow Your Business

If you run a business and you have written an eBook, consider selling it for free and using SMS bulk marketing to provide a free link to download the eBook. Not only will this raise awareness about your business, but you will also provide potential customers something of value, which can ultimately turn them into loyal customers over the long haul.

Give a Chapter Away Via Email

Alternatively, if you maintain a blog and have readers that subscribe to a newsletter, send a bulk email to newsletter subscribers offering them a free chapter of your latest eBook. This will drive interest in the eBook since it is completely free, with the hope being that the eBook is interesting enough to compel a purchase.

These are just a few of the many ways you can successfully utilize mobile marketing to grow eBook sales, and following these tips will surely help you stand out in the crowded eBook industry.

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