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Self pubbed Author Gets Guardian Review

December 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Click here for an article on how Nick Parker’s self-published book got a review in The Guardian.

Happy Holidays.

It Pays To Keep An Eye On Your Amazon Review

October 4, 2011 Leave a comment

When Stephen Leather checked out his one-starred review for Dreamer’s Cat, the reviewer said, and I quote, “This is not a review as such, as I haven’t read the book and unfortunately won’t do so. Why? Because it’s written in the present tense which, in my opinion (and I stress that it is only my opinion), simply doesn’t work for a full length novel.

I’ve read other Stephen Leather novels and as far as I can remember he’s always written in the past tense. Please return to your former technique, Stephen!”

Leather sent a polite email to Amazon’s customer support. The review came down right away.

Why follow up is important – a single one-starred review will drag down your average rating.

What not to do (Any one remember the Big Al/ Jacqueline Howett /The Greek Seaman fiasco. Click here if you don’t)? Never, never respond to a bad review. On the internet, things stay around for ever.

Courtesy: The Taleist