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#TraditionalPublisher #contracts and #LiteraryAgents

May 22, 2015 3 comments

Here’s an extract from a must-read article on HuffPo:

“One of the things I learned is that publishers often change their contracts to give themselves more favorable terms. Agents who are paying attention pick up on the differences and understand the ramifications. Agents who aren’t, don’t.”


“… … a few year ago, Simon & Schuster removed four sentences from the end of the rights reversion clause. These sentences defined the sales threshold, which states that rights will revert to the author if the number of sales drops under a specified amount. Removing these sentences meant that if the publisher also bought digital rights, the book would in effect never go out of print, and the publisher would own the rights to the work in perpetuity.”

The article states that you can’t necessarily depend on your literary agent to catch these for you, so be vigilant about what you’re signing away.

Click here for the rest of the article.

Joe #konrath’s Blistering Attack on #literaryagent

February 8, 2014 Leave a comment

The title of this could also be: Literary Agents, and What to Watch Out For

If you haven’t read Joe Konrath’s post before, you should be reading it. It is almost mandatory for those considering publishing their book.   Something’s messed up. Unable to insert link into post today, so I’m having to give you the entire link:

Literary Agents in the Brave New World of #selfpublishing

April 22, 2013 1 comment

In a blistering post David Gaughran takes on a newly formed ‘self-publishing’ company (if you want to know why I use the quotes, check out my self-publishing basics. I’m going to be updating that post in a couple minutes) and the literary agents backing it.

Whether you’re a published author, or are considering it, this post is a ‘must read.’

Click here for the post.


Scriptapalooza, The Screenplay Competition

December 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Scriptapalooza, the annual screenplay writing competition, with its prize money of $10,000, is back.

Contests will have their individual entries read by more than 90 leading filmmakers, production companies and literary agencies. In addition, Scriptapalooza will offer its full support to the winner; finalists and semifinalists of the screenwriting challenge by promoting each work for one year after the winners’ announcement.

Deadline Jan 5, 2012.

Click here for details.

Reputable Literary Agents

A terrific compilation of reputable literary agents:


Something Else for Authors to Worry About

In my post on June 11, 2011 I wrote about about Literary agent Peter Cox offering free reviews of author contracts. I also had a link to his rather impassioned post about the dangers of letting your literary agent also be your publisher (for the potential conflict of interest issues).

Today I came across the article that indie publisher Akashic Books  is teaming up with two literary agent to launch the imprint Open Lens.

Please note: I am not stating that the literary agents in question will, in fact, publish the books of their own clients (I have no information on this). I’m just pointing out the trend of literary agent turning publisher.

Click here for the article.


Literary Agent Offering Contract Review

Literary agent Peter Cox is offering to review contracts for authors. This is apparently in response to the recent trend of literary agents setting up their own publishing imprints – a potential conflict of interest situation, if ever there was one.

The service, called Project FreeAgent, will be run out of his Redhammer agency. The interesting thing is, he won’t charge a cent for it.

This is a terrific thing for authors, like a second opinion on their contracts.

Click here for a very provocative post by Mr. Cox.

Literary Agent on Pitching Your Manuscript

Interview with Donald Maass

Literary agent Donald Maass has good book for authors ‘The Breakout Novelist’. For an interview with Mr. Maass, click here.You can hear the interview, as well as read the text.

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Literary Agent Interviews

Agent interviews are a good way of finding out where a particular literary the agent’s interests lie. I found a site with a few interviews. Check them out. Like always, research before you query. Don’t depend on a single source. Click here for the interview.