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Class Action Suit Against Penguin’s Self-Publishing Arm

May 5, 2013 3 comments

This from Courthouse News Service:

“Penguin Group’s self-publishing branch, Author Solutions, cheats writers of royalties and charges them to correct typos in manuscripts that the company itself inserted, three unhappy authors claim in a federal class action.”

For the entire post, click here.

Thanks to The Passive Guy for this tip.

Amazon Breakthrough Contest Gotchas

December 29, 2011 3 comments

Amazon and Penguin are sponsoring a contest for unpublished or self-published writers. But there are a few things to be aware of, and the Passive Guy provides some insights. Click here for details.

Penguin Cites Piracy Concerns in Pulling ebooks Out of Lending Library

November 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Like previous news from Penguin about its subsidy press ‘Book Country’ wasn’t bad enough (see my previous posts), now comes news that Penguin is refusing to participate in ebook lending citing priracy concerns. For more details, refer to this story in

Not a good week for Penguin publicity-wise.

UPDATE: Penguin Gouging Authors

November 21, 2011 1 comment

This is an update to my previous post: Penguin, through it’s Book Country arm, is poised to take a 30% cut of of your royalties.


“In other words, an author who directly uploads his or her work to Amazon receives a 70 percent royalty. An author who uses Book Country to upload his or her work to Amazon receives 70 percent of that 70 percent. An author who publishes a $2.99 e-book directly on Amazon will receive $2.05 for each sale. An author who publishes an e-book to Amazon through Book Country will receive just $1.47 for each sale.”

This is in addition to the ‘fees’ you pay Book Country. So Penguin charges you both a one-time fee *and* keeps a percentage of your royalties for perpetuity. Nice deal for Penguin. Not so nice for the desperate-to-be-published writer.

Penguin Moves Into ‘Self’ Publishing?

November 21, 2011 3 comments

Pardon me if this confused me.

According to this blog:

“Costing between $99 and $549, depending on whether the writer wants to format their ebook themselves or plump for a “professional print and ebook” option, Book Country, the self-publishing arm of Penguin,  will give writers 70% of the sale price of a book priced above $2.99, and 30% of a book priced between 99c and $2.95.”

First of all, when someone publishes your book for you, it is NOT self publishing. When you upload your book to Amazon (or B&N etc) you self-publish. The price is, well, pricy.

If you upload the book yourself, it is free. If you get a formatter from’s list, someone can do it for as little as $25. And, if you go for the “professional print and e-book option”, you can go the CreateSpace route with $39 for expanded distribution.

My question is, what is the writer getting for those prices? Will they get on Penguin’s catalogs? Nope. This arm of theirs is a subsidy/vanity press (you have the money, you can publish a book).

And, if Book Country is going give writers 70% of the sale price if the book is priced above $2.99, Amazon’s already doing that. Without the extra you’d be shelling out for Penguin.

Not worth the price, imho.