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Bad Contracts from Big Publishers

March 7, 2013 2 comments

I came across this blog post from John Scalzi about terrible contracts being offered to authors, even by mainstream publishers. Worth a look. Click here for the link.

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Book #publishers accepting #submissions

November 15, 2012 2 comments

I came across a wonderful (and exhaustive!) list of book publishers, categorized by genre, currently accepting submissions from authors. Click here  for the link.

Something Else for Authors to Worry About

In my post on June 11, 2011 I wrote about about Literary agent Peter Cox offering free reviews of author contracts. I also had a link to his rather impassioned post about the dangers of letting your literary agent also be your publisher (for the potential conflict of interest issues).

Today I came across the article that indie publisher Akashic Books  is teaming up with two literary agent to launch the imprint Open Lens.

Please note: I am not stating that the literary agents in question will, in fact, publish the books of their own clients (I have no information on this). I’m just pointing out the trend of literary agent turning publisher.

Click here for the article.