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B&N Declares War on Amazon; Readers Tell Writer What to Write

February 20, 2012 Leave a comment

I’ve not been posting as often as before mainly because I’m readying my book for publication. Hope to have out mid-March. Should any of you wish to write a review of my book (for which I’ll be extremely grateful — click here for the synopsis), feel free to ask for a complimentary copy. Now to more interesting matters.

Barnes & Noble will not stock books by Amazon Publishing,’s publishing imprint. Click here for the story.

According to an NPR story, and I quote:Dominque Raccah, CEO and publisher of Sourcebooks, is experimenting with the “agile publishing” model — which allows authors and readers to interact as the book is still being written.

“You really are publishing into a community already,” Raccah says. “So what you are going to be doing is developing that book in front of that community, having the community interact with the author to develop the book [and] provide feedback.”


Not sure what I feel about this model.