The Mosquito and the Teapot

Written by six-year-old Aamani Gurajada. Illustrated (including cover design) by 11-year-old Sunaad Gurajada. They have been interviewed for their book by The Hindustan Times- Kolkata Edition. They were also on the cover of Live Mint along with Rasana Atreya, their mother.

The Mosquito and the Teapot








Reviews for their book

“The Mosquito and The Teapot” by Aamani Gurajada is an astonishing short book written and illustrated by two very young and very talents artists.”  Click here for complete review by Christoph Fischer.

“The stories make their point – even more succinctly than Aespo.” Yael Politis

“The very first thing that struck me about this book is the amazing talent these two artists possess. The stories are written by Aamani, who is a very talented 6 year old author…yes, I said 6 years old…and illustrated by Sunaad, who is a very talented 11 year old illustrator.” Click here for complete review by Jaclyn M. Bartz.

“I was struck by the maturity of the solutions the six-year-old writer suggests for the conflicts that arise amongst the characters in her stories.” Vrinda.

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